Monday, May 10, 2010

From The Garden

This is my garden...well, the start of my garden. (which I admit is a pretty darn good start). We started planting this weekend, so naturally there was a frost warning last night. So we had to move all our planters

But I have to say, I love our yard and all our trees and flowers. I had food poisoning this week and was honestly probably the sickest I have ever been (serves me right for eating salad)! The only thing that made me feel remotely better was sitting outside and enjoying our yard.


  1. oh no sarah! that stinks! what did u eat? that lettuce that was recalled! yikes!

  2. Spinach salad with a million other veggies in it. It could have been anything- but I had a doozy!! I feel so much better today- thank the lord!