Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In Follow-up: Yes, I Can Justify a $100 Shower Curtain

So I did it! After great comments from my people- I called my local Anthro and they told me they had one in stock. I felt like it was curtain destiny!

I, of course totally love it and it could not be more perfect in the room. I also bought handpainted knobs for the cabinet.

I have a few more tweaks to do and then I will post pictures of the whole shebang!


  1. Love them! Can't wait to see the whole thing together

  2. I have been stalking Anthro sales for the perfect handpainted knobs to go with my red furniture. I think I'm going to mix it up with a few different styles!

  3. I love the look of different knobs- they had quite a few in the sale bins.

    The "Pietre" styles were really great- 3 to choose from all having red tones. This is my fav...