Monday, April 12, 2010

Before and After- Living Room/Kitchen

Before: Living Room with wall to kitchen

After: Opened up wall and built in from the gods (or my husband:)

So kind of an inprovement right? From the moment we first saw our house we both said the wall between the kitchen and living room had to go. We basically moved in and knocked it right away and we think it makes our house! It is lighter, bigger, and so open. We love it.

Before: View out wall window from kitchen

After: Open floor plan!!

Before: Wall between rooms

After: Decorative columns and open plan!

I could write about this room forever. I will give details on our design plan and some tips we learned the good old fashioned & hard way in a future post! We worked really hard on it and it is great to come home and see what we created together!


  1. This looks so beautiful! Great to see the built in decorated and truly loved. Well done, Sarah and Niall! :)

  2. Looks fab something straight out of Better Homes Magazine :)