Monday, April 5, 2010

Says It All: Bunny Cake

I have been making this bunny cake with my Mom every Easter I can remember. It is always a hit and is really pretty easy and yummy!

You just need two round cakes (we always use yellow cake mix), frosting, coconut, and for decorating: M&Ms, jelly beans, licorice, and poster board to put the cake on. We leave the bow tie without coconut for people who don't like it (not many in our family).

So once the 2 round cakes are baked you let them cool and then cut one of the rounds with two curved cuts (like 2 backwards letter C's) to make the shape of bunny ears and the middle piece is the bow tie.

Then just cover with frosting and coconut and have fun decorating. I have a different bow tie design every year, that was always my favorite part as a kid- well that and the first bite of the ears!!

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