Friday, February 26, 2010

Can I Really Justify: $100 Shower Curtain?

Ok, I admit it. I have been stalking this shower curtain on Anthropologie's website for months. It would be perfect in my Santorini inspired bathroom and really would be the focal point of the whole room. However, it is $98. Anthro does put stuff on sale but things sell out quickly- hence my stalking.

I have been looking all over to find a similar one, but I can't find one that is even close. I know I would be really sad if it sold out and didn't get it, but $98! Hence my question, "Can I really justify a $100 shower curtain?"


  1. I say Yes! Sometimes you need to make one major purchase to tie a room together. Go order it!

  2. That is a good justification if I ever heard one!

  3. I think we both know the power of Anthropologie. Bathrooms are difficult to make into rooms we love. Buy it!! If it were an item of clothing, you'd absolutely get. And you wouldn't use it or admire it half as much.