Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trial and Error: Tricky Taupe

So one of the major things we have learned in the past month is that finding the right taupey/beigey wall color is really hard. In different lights these shades change drastically. We want warm but not peach, tan but not gray. We went through three samples and I change my mind consistently as to which one I like.
I mentioned this issue with a friend and she said “Oh, beiges are really hard!” So then I felt a bit better about my indecision.

Behr “Haze”(above) is really pretty but is a little too light and at times can look grayish.

I think we have made up our mind, Behr “Classic Taupe”(above). You can’t go wrong with classic right? We want it dark enough that the white molding really pops. Now we just need to get these darn walls taped and sanded!

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