Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I Wore Today : Summer Dress in Winter

Velvet Blazer: Banana Republic, $100 on sale
Dress: Anthropologie, $60 on sale
Tortoise Shell Earrings: Loehmman’s, $10
Bag: Gucci, T.J.Maxx, $100(!)
Leggings: Hue, $25 (@Nordstrom)
Biker Boots: Michael Kors, $70 (@

I love dresses that you can wear all year round. This dress looks awesome with sandals in the summer or with tights and cardigan/jacket. I bought this at Antro’s summer apparel sale and have worn it all fall and winter.

A huge bargain strategy of mine is to buy things at the end of the season. I did the same thing with the blazer and the boots. I saved a fortune on the boots by buying them in February, as retailers are trying to push out the winter stock for sandals. And as tempting as sandals are in right now, hate to break it to everyone, boots will be around for months yet.

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