Monday, February 15, 2010

Finds: Mirrored Chest

This is definitely the find of the year, maybe even of a lifetime!

I spotted this antiqued, mirrored (on all sides) 6 drawer chest at Marshalls on Saturday and immediately went into defensive mode- I knew I had found a steal. It was love at first sight, and that baby was coming home with me.

I have been looking for a mirrored bedside table or chest for about a year and have found several I liked, but they were all extremely expensive. This one looked a lot like the current one at Pottery Barn ($800) and this one was $139!!!

I was trying to flag a sales associate down so that I didn’t leave its’ side and I am glad I didn’t. As soon as I got an associates’ attention, there were two ladies in their fifties eyeing it up. One lady started asking me about it and said how good it would look in her master bedroom then started looking at the price tag. I smiled politely and said, "Thank you, I am very happy I found it.”

So with haste, I helped and the associate put in on a dolly and headed for the checkout. In line, I called my husband for van backup(would not fit in my car). I should preface this story by stating that my sole purpose for going out that day was to get a flat screen TV for the living room. Ha, came back with no TV but a mirrored chest. (and my husband was not even mad, he knows me well!)

I totally love it; it makes me happy every time I look at it. I actually jumped up and down and shrieked when I placed it by the bed, and unlike a lot of things I bring home that I am excited about, my hubby likes it too.